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Another way to express a fractional part using powers of ten
Decimal Places
Digits to the right of the decimal point
Decimal Point
Symbol that separates the whole number from the fractional part
The first place right of the decimal point
The second place right of the decimal point
The third place right of the decimal point
Less than
Greater than
Equal to
Terminating Decimal
a decimal value that ends or terminates
example: 0.5, 3.44, 0.78
Repeating Decimal
a decimal value that repeats and continues on to infinity
0.33 = 0.333333 continues on
0.4747=0.47474747 continues on
Equivalent Fractions
Value of the fractions are the same
Top number in a fraction
Bottom number in a fraction
Common Denominator
Denominators that are the same number
Uncommon Denominator
Denominators that are not the same number
Simplify Change fraction to its lowest terms Greatest Common Factor
The largest number that will divide into 2 or more numbers evenly
Least Common Multiple
The smallest number that 2 or more numbers can be divided into evenly
To change
Improper Fraction
a fraction where the numerator is greater than the denominator
Proper Fraction
a fraction where the numerator is less than the denominator
Mixed Number
contains an integer, generally a whole number and a fractional part
The Big One
The Big One: a fraction = to one whole, where the numerator and denominator are the same. Ex: 4/4, 5/5, 8/8.


Percents are used everywhere. Percents are used to find discounts and sale prices. Stores are always having sales and items discounted. Percents can be converted to fractions and decimals. You can also find the percent of a number. If you own a business, you want to make a profit. Percents help you figure out how much you need to make to keep your business open and how much you need to pay your employees.

Parts Per 100

"Percent" means parts per 100. So, if I have 2 cents, then I have 2 cents out of 100 cents or 2 percent of a dollar. 2 percent is written as 2%. It is also written as 2/100 or .02 (said 2 one hundredths). It may seem like 2 percent (written as either: 2%, .02, 2/100) is not a big amount, and I surely would not run to the bank to cash a check for 2 pennies or $0.02! However, if someone offered me 2 percent of $500,000, I would put on my running shoes to cash that check.

Whether I am trying to figure out what percentage or fraction of someone's dollar belongs to me or how much is left over after I spend that money, I need to be able to understand the relationship between fractions, percents, and decimals.

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