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math ABOUT ME:

My name is Valerie Buckland and I teach Math at Hodges Bend Middle School.

My job is to create lessons, activities, and common formative assessments for students. I participate in collaboratiave team planning, share activities, and assist in the calendaring of activites for units of study. As a data-driven campus, I participate in grade-level data team meetings. Each grade level gives pre-assessments and post-assessments for each power (readiness) standard. These are used to help drive instruction and help with reteaching and tutorials.

I have over 20 years experience in education. My teaching experience includes being a middle school math teacher and math specialist. I have worked at Hodges Bend Middle School since August 1997. I received my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. I have my Master's Degree from Unversity of Houston in Curriculum and Development in Mathematics.

Parents-please feel free to contact me if your child needs extra assistance in mathematics.
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Information on this site is organized and provided by Valerie Buckland and Krystal Cortez.

The purpose of this site is to aid middle school students in achieving basic math knowledge and skills needed for classroom success by:

*familiarizing students with necessary vocabulary
*providing drill and practice exercises related to skills

I have worked with students who struggle in math for almost 20 years. I believe that some of these struggles are related to a lack of basic knowledge and skills in these subjects, and that there can be an improvement in student achievement if these basic knowledge and skills are mastered.


Math tutorials are by appointmant in the morning from 8:10-8:45 or afternoons from 4:00-5:00.

If your child has lost their morning tutorial pass, please email Valerie Buckland within 24 hours of tutorials.

Many times parents do not know exactly how to help their child because they may not understand the concepts or they are not sure of how the teacher is teaching the material. Therefore, I encourage students with their parents to work on these help pages together.


In the navigation bar on each page is an "Ask a Q" link. This will take you to a form for asking questions about content that is either not addressed, or needs further explanation.
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